Affiliate Program
Join our Affiliate Program and start earning doing what you love!

Who is Ingenium Naturals?

Ingenium Naturals is a Canadian based wellness company providing:

  • All-natural luxury skincare
  • Natural and organic teas and wellness herbal blends
  • Pure and certified essential oils, and essential oils blends
  • 100% natural nutritional supplements to support a healthy lifestyle

Our mission is to provide the customer with premium natural wellness and beauty solutions, through unparalleled dedication to the quality of our products, and our community.

What is an affiliate program and how can I participate?

If you have a website or blog you can post links from your website to and earn a commission with every confirmed sale deriving from your website.

Approved affiliates will receive unique links, as well as banners to be placed on the site to direct traffic towards the Ingenium Naturals website.

You can promote our products via search engines, and all social media outlets you have an account wit and through email marketing.

How do I apply?

Click continue on the Affiliate Program info page. If you don’t have an account with us as a customer already, you will have to create one and then proceed to the Affiliate Sign-up page.

It will take 24 hours to review your request and your blog or website before approving you as an affiliate.

Once you are approved you will be able to access the Affiliate section with further instructions and access your unique link, as well as the banners we will make available, to embed in your website or blog.

If approved, Ingenium Naturals will provide a 40% off coupon code for the affiliate's 1 time use to encourage the affiliate to try the products and be able to review them, if they wish. A second code will be provided 6 months after the first for additional purchases.This code is for the exclusive use of the affiliate and not to be shared. It is not meant for customers.


  • You will enhance the value of your website with relevant info and content
  • You will earn money doing what you want
  • You can check your earnings anytime on your account
  • We take care of fulfilment, shipping, customer service, and the tracking of your sales
  • You get your own promo codes (one time use and/or limited time use)
  • We can provide you with high quality images for your site or blog
  • Being able to purchase products with a 40% reduction 2 x a year with a personalized coupon code

Rules and Conditions

  • We approve all websites and blogs our ads and links will be placed on
  • All Affiliates must have a Paypal account
  • You may not receive a commission for your own orders if you are using a promo code
  • We can provide you with images and some content and product info
  • Affiliates may not duplicate exact content as it is damaging to the SEO
  • All rules must be respected or Affiliate status will be voided immediately

Commission and payments

Minimum payout to affiliates is 25$ USD per month paid on the 1st of every month, based on a commission of 12% of sales (excluding taxes and shipping costs).

If 25$ USD is not reached, the payment will be made the following month, or whenever the minimum amount is reached provided it is before the first of the month.

Payments will be made through PayPal (a small transaction fee may be charged by PayPal for its services).

Remember, you have nothing to lose....joining the Affiliate program is completely FREE (and no purchase is necessary!). The more you invest in the program, the more commission you will earn! You will make money doing what you love; writing and talking about wellness, lifestyle, and beauty.

NOTE: Open to US and Canadian websites only.

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