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CURA Curative Salve Mélodie Sun Chaperon
Vitamine E Hand and Body Lotion
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CURA Curative Salve Delicate Cherry Bouquet Hand and Body Lotion Vitamin E Hand and Body Lotion
CURA Curative Salve 20 ml.
Our Price: $11.00

Our CURA Curative Salve is an exceptional multifunctional salve for the entire family, providing a deeply moisturising and soothong effect for all dry areas of the body. For all skin types. Gluten free.
A light and nourishing moisturiser made from all-natural oils and butters, enriched with vitamin E and Japanese green tea extracts. For all skin types.
An all-natural, enriched light moisturising lotion. Almond, and gluten free formula. Unscented. For all skin types.
Mélodie Hand and Body Lotion Sun Chaperone Jojoba OIl
Sun Chaperon 120 ml.
Our Price: $18.00
Jojoba Oil 100 ml.
Our Price: $22.00


A lightly scented lotion rich in nourishing properties and made from all-natural oils and butters. For all skin types.

Our unscented zinc oxide based sun block is made from nature derived ingredients that protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Does not indicate an SPF. For sensitive to normal skin.

Jojoba oil is a versatile oil, helps skin cells reserve and retain moisture.For all skin types and can be used as a carrier oil for EO.