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If you read our About Us page you are already aware of the rigorous standards we demand of all our partners during the conception and manufacturing of our products, as well as how dedicated we are to bringing you the highest quality natural care products on the market. The facilities where our products are manufactured and packaged follow strict manufacturing practices, ensuring the best possible results with regards to the manufacturing and packaging of each individual product.

We never use parabens, SLS, or phthalates, and any fragrances used are nature- derived and sourced from our pure quality essential oils.

Our skincare and hair care lines are truly among the most natural and effective personal care products you will find on the market today. All of the ingredients we use are backed by many years of traditional and modern use, as well as scientific studies.

Our manufacturing partners are as diligent and passionate about quality as we are, and we would not have it any other way!

Of course, what counts most for us is the feedback from our customers!

This is what Julie H. says about our Sensi-Net Exfoliate for sensitive skin and our Hydra-Rose Face Oil

“I love that this exfoliator does not dry out my sensitive skin.”

“This oil is fantastic! Not greasy but very hydrating. The smell is incredible!”

Rita M. won’t leave home without the Vita-C Luminous Serum

“I have very sensitive skin and I am always on the lookout for serum with the right amount of vitamin c to help with my skin. As soon as I received this serum I started using it in the morning and evening. It is also fragrance free so i had no headache due to my sensitivity to fragrances. Well, I haven't put it down since and after a few weeks I started receiving complements that my skin was radiant and glowing!! This serum has become part of my daily routine. My search is over...I don't leave home without it...”.

Paula S. says this about our Hydra Zone Body Butter and our CuraTif moisturizing body stick
"I love the consistency of this product. It is not greasy and I love the fact there is no harsh smell to it because I use it all over my body. I have very dry skin and this body butter leaves my skin moisturized all day."

"This is my favorite go to salve for my 7 year old daughter who has some eczema and very dry skin. Firstly because it's a stick, it goes on easily...especially in a rush! Secondly, it is an excellent moisturizer. Also, it's not greasy! This stick comes with us to swim lessons so I can immediately apply it on my kids easily and helps the chlorine from drying the skin."

All of these exceptional products are completely vegan and made with all natural eco-friendly ingredients. They are never tested on animals, and are among the safest products on the market today, for our customers and for the environment. When we can, we always purchase organic ingredients, but the organic certification of each one relies on the country the ingredient is sourced from. Every country has specific regulations, and costs associated with the certification. Although we feel very comfortable in letting our customers know that many of the ingredients we use in our products are organic, some are not certified organic mainly to avoid passing those costs onto you!

Like our pure essential oils, we produce our personal care products in small-batch so they do not sit on the shelves for months and months waiting to be sold. We only make more when orders go out, and this translates into fresh products ALL of the time.

We are firm in our belief that honesty is always the best policy. We would not have it any other way and that is why we offer a 100%, 30 day money back guarantee on all our products.

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