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If you read our About Us page you are already aware of the rigorous standards we demand of all our partners during the conception and manufacturing, and packaging of our products, as well as how dedicated we are to bringing you the highest quality natural health products on the market.

All of our natural supplements are free of additives, fillers, any kind of artificial flavor or color.

They are all manufactured in the United States from ingredients sourced from trusted partners in the USA and around the world. Each of the ingredients we use are backed by many years of use, as well as by traditional and scientific research, which we always provide and you can find in our knowledge base.

The facilities where our supplements are manufactured follow strict GMP guidelines, and are FDA registered. This ensures quarterly and yearly inspections of manufacturing practices, cleanliness and quality of ingredients. The facilities where the Ingenium Naturals supplements are manufactured are also inspected weekly by a third party company to ensure that GMP Guidelines are consistently respected and followed.

We are firm in our belief that honesty and transparency are always the best policy. We would not have it any other way and that is why we offer a 100%, 30 day money back guarantee on all our products.

Here are some rules you should keep in mind before purchasing any natural supplement.

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